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    website summary

At a glance my first opinion of the Abby Winters website was rather bland. I found that the design was very simple and the colors ran together leaving not much contrast between links and background. However, as the old saying goes, "Don't judge a book by its cover'. Upon further surfing Abby's site, I became amazed. The deeper I got, the more amazed I became. I had never seen these girls before and the photography was truly spectacular in my eyes.

This is a highly recommended website if you are sick of seeing the same models shot by the same photographers over and over again. As a visitor to just the tour itself, Abby Winters lets you take a glimpse into the actual members section allowing you to see what's being updated and when.

    quick links

    content exclusivity

As I quickly stated in my Website Summary above, I have never seen these amateur models on the web before. Most of these girls are exclusively shot by Abby Winters for use on her website and no others that I'm aware of. They all seem fairly young (between the ages of 18 to 23) and are straight out of the cities and countryside's of Australia. Most of the girls have some sort of biography and you will find many with hand written biographies that were scanned and uploaded directly for the members

    video galleries

I wasn't very impressed by how the video galleries were laid out but the quality and volume of mpg's available to members pleased me. At a glance I counted 24 pages of videos with each page containing anywhere between 45 and 55 clipped movies. The videos are based around real events and for what I could see, nothing staged. I got to see great interviews with nude Australian chicks that were funny and arousing at the same time. On the far end of the scale you get to see intimate encounters between great friends that have a great time eating pussy for Abby's members. Every now and then a rare girl-boy hits the video galleries that leave you in awe. On Abby's Free Tour, I counted 5 sample clips. Note that these clips are small in both file-size and length but, you'll definitely get the idea of what to expect as a full member to her website.


    photo galleries

The massive amount of photo galleries available as a member to Abby Winters is somewhat staggering. As a basic member you have access to thousands of images and video but once upgraded to a Gold Member your choices are endless. The photography is pretty much second to none in my opinion and the choices of the shoot locations are great.

Take the Abby Winters Free Tour and explore... as a visitor you have pretty decent access to what's in store for a member.

# OF MODELS : 675 # PHOTOS : 118,156 AVG. DIMESIONS : 981x1472 AVG SIZE : 200KB

    members area organization

As I said before, when I first visited Abby Winters I thought that the site looked rather dull with a lack of features. I want to take that back as once I was actually looking around the site I was struck with so many features and categories it was almost overwhelming. At the top of each page you have your basic site navigation but, it goes even further. With a few clicks of your mouse you can find exactly what you're looking for and in some cases you will find yet more gems such as Abby's 'Backstage' and 'Sound Bites' sections.

Admittedly, learning the websites' navigation in the beginning was rather difficult but, once figured out I can truly appreciate how Abby herself wanted the navigation to be.





I rate Abby Winters quite high with one of my main reasons being the sheer uniqueness and real amateurs. It's something that simply is very hard to find today on the internet. The girls have a real natural hometown feel to them and it's quite obvious that they're just having a great time be it solo or playing around with another girl. On the downside, I found the Abby Winters website sometimes slow loading and a bit difficult to navigate. Dial-Up internet users and low resolution monitor owners beware as the file sizes are sometimes massive and the image dimensions are huge.

Now for those surfers looking for unique quality content with a real personal feel I would recommend Abby Winter above all of the sites we have reviewed thus far. At only $30.00 for one month you will be getting quite a sizable bang for your buck plus it's one of those websites that I think you'll feel a part of. Lots of categories and extras, daily updates, a variety of Australian amateurs and more. Take the Full Free Explicit Tour and see why I rate Abby Winters so highly.

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